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Category: Administration

Sub category: General Services

Location: Nigeria

Job description

Mission/ Core purpose of the Job: (Short description)
• To ensure that the company’s assets are well protected and secured at all times

Context: (Global influences, environmental / industry demands, organizational mission, etc.)
• Company’s budget and business plan
• Company Mission, Policies, Procedures and Processes
• Generally Accepted Compliance Principles

Vulnerabilities (control span)
• Negative perception of job
• Long process time for audit/compliance engagements
• Wide scope of responsibilities coverage
• High impact of errors on company’s operation and survival
• High chance of wrong things going undetected

Job responsibilities

Role/Task Complexity:
• Conduct periodic internal reviews or audits to ensure that compliance procedures are followed
• Conduct or direct the internal investigation of compliance issues
• Assess products, compliance or operational risks and develop risks and develop risk management strategies
• Conduct environmental audits to ensure adherence to environmental standards
• Identify compliance issues that require follow-up or investigation
• Disseminate written policies and procedures related to compliance activities
• File appropriate compliance reports with regulatory agencies
• Evaluate testing procedures to meet the specifications of environmental monitoring programs
• Verify that software technology is in place to adequately provide oversight and monitoring in all areas
• Serve as a confidential point of contact for employees to communicate with management, seek clarification on issues or dilemmas or report irregularities
• Maintain documentation of compliance activities such as complaints received or investigation outcomes
• Consult with corporate attorneys as necessary to address difficult legal issues
• Discuss emerging compliance issues with management or employees
• Collaborate with HR department to ensure the implementation of consistent disciplinary action strategies in cases of compliance standard violations
• Advise internal management or business partners on the implementation or operation of compliance programs
• Review communications such as securities sales advertising to ensure there are no violations of standards or regulations
• Provide employee training on compliance related topics, policies or procedures
• Provide assistance to internal and external auditors in compliance reviews
• Prepare management reports regarding compliance operations and progress
• Monitor compliance systems to ensure their effectiveness
• Report violations of compliance or regularly standards to duly authorized enforcement agencies as appropriate or required
• Oversee internal reporting systems such as corporate hotlines and inform employees about these systems
• Keep informed regarding pending industry changes, trends and best practices and assess the potential impact of these changes on organizational processes
• Verify that all firm and regulatory policies and procedures have been documented, implemented and communicated
Supervisory/Leadership/Managerial Complexity:
• Dealing with a cross-section of senior members of staff on sensitive issues

Responsibility towards:
• Direct Reports: Audit/Compliance Officer
• Lateral Reports: Accounts Manager
• Matrix Relationship: Functional Heads, Line Heads, Assurance Service Manager, Managing Director
• Third party Relationships: External Auditor

Qualification/grade required: Skills / Physical competencies: • High Energy • High on execution • A hands-on approach to

Expected expertise:

Knowledge: • Courier Operat

Minimum years of experience: 4 years

Salary: Negotiable within the Org Pay Structure

Application: July, 1 2019 - July, 31 2019

Status: Closed


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