Job details



Category: Sales / Marketing

Sub category: Sales

Location: Nigeria

Job description

Mission/ Core purpose of the Job: (Short description)
• Key player in the delivery of the regions revenue target
• Provide input into the company’s revenue generation strategy
• Ensures the delivery of exceptional service to the company’s customer-base (current and potential)
• Coordinate all the sales activities of the staff in the various regions through the RSMs
• Deliver the allocated regional targets as would be agreed 100%
• Ensure the creation of a strong and robust point of connection for the brand
• Provide operational support to the various regions

Context: (Global influences, environmental / industry demands, organizational mission, etc.)
• Highly competitive FMCG market/industry
• Target driven business environment
• Company’s Budget and Business Plan
• Company’s Mission, Policies, Procedures and Processes
• High Volume of Operations.
• Company’s Brand development and sustenance

Job responsibilities

Role/ Task Complexity:
• Understanding and developing budgets, including expenditures, research and development appropriations, return-on investments and profit-loss projections
• Managing all marketing for the company and activities within the marketing department
• Developing marketing strategy for the company in line with company’s objectives
• Coordinating marketing campaigns with sales activities
• Overseeing the company’s marketing budget
• Creation and publication of all marketing material in line with marketing plans
• Planning and implementing promotional campaigns
• Manage and improve lead generation campaigns, measuring results
• Overall responsibility for brand management and corporate identity
• Preparing online, print marketing campaigns and assisting with new product launches
• Monitor and report on effectiveness of marketing campaigns
• Maintain effective internal communications to ensure that all relevant company functions are kept informed of marketing objectives
• Evaluating competitors
• Researching demand for the organization’s product and services
• Organize the regional sales workforce for effective and efficient operations.
• Be accountable for all stock issued to the various regions
• Be accountable for the stock: cash retirement for all stock issued to the various regions
• Ensures that the company can deliver exceptional customer service by closely monitoring service level and feedback survey result
• Closely monitor the activities of the staff and provide operational support as may be required
• Coordinate the process of gathering and analyzing market intelligence, customer research information, current market conditions and competitor information for proper response and action
• Drive the implementation of the Performance Management System among the Sales team as designed and approved by management
• Deliver the monthly sales target for the staff in the various regions
• Provide direction for the RSMs for all operational aspects including distribution, customer service and sales
• Provide re(orientation) training, coaching, development and motivation to bring out the best in each member of the sales team
• Provide input into the company’s Budget, Policy, Processes and Procedures for the region
• Develop and implement marketing plans that will deliver the region’s targets
• Accountable for the safety of the company’s assets in the branches, particularly Stock and Cash
• Ensure that Policy, Processes and Procedures are adequate and complied with by all
• Ensure that all valid customer complaints are properly and satisfactorily resolved
• Ensure the availability of the products at all times
• Manage the regional marketing budget and deliver marketing activity within an agreed budget
• Ensure prudent usage of monthly float allocated to the various regions; irrational expenses by the RSMs should be avoided at all cost.
• Monitor, review and report on all activities to management
• Assist the HR department in the recruitment process for the sales team in the various regions
• Assist admin, operations and logistics unit in vehicle maintenance activities, office maintenance activities and other procurement, and logistic needs in the various regions.
Supervisory/Leadership/Managerial Complexity:
• Coordinating fast speed operational activities across multiple locations
• High-risk environment requiring close monitoring, despite delegation

Qualification/grade required: Skills / physical competencies: • High Energy • A hands-on approach to responsibilities Assert

Expected expertise:

Creativities (improvement/inno

Minimum years of experience: 4 years

Salary: Negotiable within the Org Pay Structure

Application: July, 1 2019 - July, 31 2019

Status: Closed


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